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Our Story

Saudade Portuguese Custard Tarts is a family owned and operated South Australian business.

After moving to Australia from Portugal, we soon missed some of the unique flavours of home. The business name Saudade, a Portuguese word meaning a melancholy yearning for absent things is where our heartfelt idea began.

We soon found that many Australians had been to our homeland and had fallen in love with the Pastel de Nata (Portuguese Custard Tart), which is recognised as one of world’s most delicious pastries. The combination of this constant yearning, and the knowledge that all those who call Australia home, would enjoy the taste of an authentic Pastel de Nata, drove the idea of offering this delicacy to our adopted country.

After perfecting the art of the Pastel de Nata, we introduced OUR Pastel de Nata at a couple of pop ups in the Adelaide Central Market. The response was quite overwhelming and gave us the confidence to take the next step and open a shop exclusively dedicated to the Portuguese Custard Tart.

Our stores at Adelaide Central Market and Mitcham offers the unique opportunity for the public to view some of the tart making process firsthand. Everything is made onsite, from the pastry to the delicate custard. Tarts are made and baked fresh every day and you can view it all, including the pouring of the custard into the special tins, watching the huge trays slide into our Portuguese oven – specifically designed and built to bake Portuguese custard tarts – and see and smell the delicate, caramelised tarts as they emerge from the oven, ready for display and the enjoyment of everyone who has become “addicted” to this delicious little treat.

It is our honest belief that we have created and perfected the best Portuguese custard tart in Adelaide. An exclusive and premium Pastel de Nata, adapted from a traditional Portuguese recipe, using only the best local ingredients.

The flavour you always yearn for.

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